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Common Questions

  • Will any of this change who I work with or how I order?

    No. dormakaba already reorganized its sales structure and team to better serve customers and to ensure a great depth of knowledge across its lines. No further changes are anticipated as part of this integration.

  • Will this change enable me to sell products from other dormakaba clusters?

    In many cases, yes. If you identify a project for which you’d like to sell moveable walls or glass partitions, for example, simply contact your dormakaba Group rep to help you get started.

  • Why is dormakaba the midtier product offering when it is also the parent company?

    When dormakaba purchased the STANLEY companies we conducted brand research with resellers like you. That research revealed the power of the BEST brand in North America. In order to build on that market share and to maintain multiple options for specifying jobs, dormakaba is retaining the BEST brand as the top-tier line (which it’s long been) and bringing dormakaba product to market in the portfolio’s greatest area of need—quality, well-designed, midtier hardware.

  • How do I refer to you when we market your products? What guidelines can you give me to properly represent your brands in my selling of your product?

    We are dormakaba USA. We offer a portfolio of brands for door hardware. Our top, institutional tier is BEST, our mid or commercial tier is dormakaba, and our unspecified value-level tier is Design Hardware. This gives us a complete, gap-free offering capable of filling any opening at any level. In each case, we occupy the top quality space for the given tier. Over the next year, as the PRECISION and STANLEY names are sunset, you’ll logically just refer to BEST, dormakaba or Design Hardware based on the product and price tier you’re selling.

  • Are the products I’m used to buying still going to be around after these changes?

    One goal of brand integration is to create lines of hardware led by the best-performing products from each of the heritage brands. We anticipate that we will discontinue underperforming products as the market demands. Regardless, we intend to have a comprehensive suite of products that fills all the applications we fill now, and brings new, innovative products to market more frequently.

  • I didn’t think dormakaba made products. Did it just start?

    Prior to the merger both Dorma and Kaba had long histories of manufacturing products—within and outside of door hardware. Those same trusted products are now manufactured under the dormakaba name in many of the same state-of-the-art factories. Through integration, some of dormakaba’s products will also be manufactured in the U.S.

  • How will I know where to find the product I’m looking for after these changes go into effect?

    Our goal is to make this as easy to navigate as possible. We will update catalogs and websites and will send out emails and other notifications as brands are sunset and as products move. You’ll notice that many of the heritage brand names and parts numbers will remain the same. You will still order an APEX 2000 and it will be part of BEST’s Precision Series Exit line, for example. All products will be warrantied and supported at their original levels. We also intend to provide Microsoft Excel documents with new product info, so you can update your own systems. As with any complex transition, questions are sure to arise and there will be a bump here or there. Simply contact your sales rep with questions or concerns of any kind.

  • For products being discontinued, what do I do with my current inventory?

    For most products, the only difference between the new product and what’s on your shelf is the brand name it carries. That won’t affect performance, price or the warranty. We intend to provide ample lead time for you to place new product orders and still sell through discontinued product currently on shelves. We may also consider buy-back programs for some items.

  • How will specifications work with changing brands and discontinued products?
      • If all that has changed is the brand name, the specification will need to be updated accordingly, for example switching Stanley to BEST or PRECISION to BEST. The architect and/or the consultant – whoever authored the spec – can make that update. If the brand name and product nomenclatures have changed, updates must be addressed by the consultant that provided the specification. dormakaba consultants will gladly provide that service. In either case:
        • For projects that have not gone to bid, updates can be made by simply updating the brand name and nomenclature (Where applicable) in the Part 2 product section of the specification.
        • For projects already bid, updates need to be addressed at the distribution level to ensure the right products are ordered.
      • Products that are discontinued and replaced with a new brand name and/or product nomenclature follow the same process as the above.
  • Will terms or lead times change with the brand consolidation?

    In most cases, no. However, in any complex transition issues can arise. We will work to communicate issues or changes through your sales rep. as soon as they appear.

  • How will electronic products be affected by this?

    As part of our integration we plan to focus more time and investment into digital and electronic products. So, yes, our products will be affected—positively! In fact, with breakthrough products like SwitchTM Tech, we envision that our electronic line will improve and lead the market in the coming years.

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